Inotex Group Branches Out

In the beginning of the summer 2007, International Centre of European Business Competence Licence invited Inotex Grupp to the negotiations to become the representative of the European Business Competence License in Estonia and all the three Baltic countries.

European Business Competence License trainings serve two objectives: (1) to improve the professional skills of the graduates of secondary and vocational schools with business management knowledge, and (2) to enable those who have successfully passed the exam to get a certificate that is recognised almost everywhere in Europe, and that certifies their business management knowledge on an internationally recognised level. Core knowledge in business management is essential to every specialist. A specialist with a vocational education is typically favoured during a job interview if he or she knows business mechanisms, and can apply business rules to control and manage his or her work (for example project cost-benefit calculations, depreciation calculations etc). Experience has shown that, if applying for a job, the holder of the Certificate that is recognised in Europe is more likely to be shortlisted for a job interviews than an applicant without it.

Today, even artists and other creative workers need core business knowledge to be successful in supporting themselves with artistry, not to speak about a self-employed auto mechanic who cannot run his or her business with sustainable success without the knowledge of business management.

European Business Competence License training has been designed for so called ordinary people, not for managers or business people, to help them to improve their competitiveness on the labour market. Trainings focus also on specialists who have acquired a specific qualification and who need efficient access to additional business knowledge. As the Licence is recognised in almost 30 countries already, it will provide the applicant an additional competitive advantage outside Estonia as well.

The training will take place in the home country of a student. The certificate will be issued in Vienna on the basis of the examination results. The Council of European Business Competence License that comprises the leading professors of business management of the represented countries observes the quality of the trainings and exams.

European Business Competence License is focused on various target groups, beginning with those who have no previous business education:

Level A certificate is for acquiring Business Basics;

Level B and certificates are for people with business education who have actual business experience.

The certificate shows the business management competence on the basis of an internationally recognised standard. A number of well-known companies (Siemens, T-Mobile, Xerox, Bayer, Samsung, etc) apply the training of the European Business Competence License in their personnel development programmes.

We consider it a priority in the Baltic States to start Level A trainings for the students of secondary and vocational schools and undergraduates. Inotex Grupp is planning to establish a subsidiary for offering European Business Competence License services to potential customers in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

We are looking for partners among educational institutions and other organisations that see their role in the project as an examination centre and/or educator.

We will launch the services in 2009.

We held a conclusive meeting with our partners in Lithuania in March 2008. The meeting was facilitated by the Leonardo da Vinci Lifelong Learning Programme. The content of the present announcement is the sole responsibility of its publisher, and the European Commission will not be liable for any consequences arising from the use of its contents.