About Us

Private Limited Company Inotex Grupp (Inotex Group) was founded in 2001. Inotex Group focuses on organisational optimisation and consulting in the fields of management and sustainable development. Theoretical knowledge reinforced with years of active practical work enables Inotex Group both to consult the organizations and to implement the processes in real life.

A few examples of the most recent experience of Inotex Group:

  • Consulting and optimising companies in the fields of entertainment and service, optimising highly specialised factories;
  • Optimising, providing management services and consulting state owned companies in public sector, sustainability surveys of the companies of local governments and participation in their management;
  • Development and consulting of non-profit organisations, foundations and local governments.

Inotex Group offers training courses and lectures on actual topics:

  • Modern Management Methods and Management Environment;
  • Change Management;
  • How to Start a Business;
  • Personnel Work;
  • Methods of Sustainable Development;
  • Other specialised fields of management and organisational performance.

The present clients of Inotex Group are organisations and companies operating in Estonia, Finland, Austria and Latvia.

The Managing Director and the Chief Consultant of the company is Monika Pramann Salu.