The Managing Director and the Chief Consultant of the company – Monika Pramann Salu

Monika Pramann Salu (CV_MS en) is a well-known top manager in Estonia. She gained her first management experience in the Estonian Cancer Society in 1993-1994. From there, the young manager was invited to put herself to a test in an international media group. Monika Pramann Salu worked as a Managing Director of IP Multimedia Tallinn, a subsidiary of Havas Group until 1996, turning the company into one of the most successful agencies on the Baltic media brokerage market. From 1996-1999, she was a member of the Tallinn City Government, first as the Head of Pirita District Administration and later as a Deputy Mayor of Tallinn. From 2000-2003, Monika Pramann Salu worked as the Managing Director of Eesti Loto (Estonian Lotto), turning it from a company with a loss of almost 5 million Estonian kroons to a growth-focused and a profit-making company and implementing a scorecard system that supported sustainable development. The changes implemented in Eesti Loto and the achieved results were awarded with the “Right Decision” Grand Prix of the 2003 Tartu Management Conference.

Since 2003, Monika Pramann Salu has consulted several organisations, both in Estoniaand abroad, in the field of restructuring, including Minu Vara Group, Tallinn University, a production company in Finland, etc.

Monika Pramann Salu has higher education in Pedagogy and degree of Doctor of Business Administration. She graduated from the Tallinn Pedagogic Institute in 1991, and successfully continued her studies in Master and Doctoral Programmes at EstonianBusiness School. To further her education, Monika Pramann Salu continuously takes specialised courses focusing on management training, sales strategies and pension funds.

Monika Pramann Salu partakes in community life, being a member of several Boards of Trustees and public organisations, participating actively in public discussions on the actual topics in the Estonian society, such as taxation issues and valuing of raising children.

Monika Pramann Salu is the author of several books. Her latest publication is “Principles of Entrepreneurship” published by Ilo Publishing House.

Monika Pramann Salu has given speeches in science conferences both in Estonia and inFinland.