Handmade Cosmetics

Inotex Grupp discovered genuine and organic handmade cosmetics!

As a result of a long search we found a handicraft workshop with long traditions in the Republic of South Africa that makes organic cosmetic products. Cosmetic products are organic if their components are natural, and their structure and qualities have not been “killed” by chemical of physical processing. For example, we all know that vitamins are destroyed by excessive heating. The same happens to most of the natural qualities of the plants if they are chemically or physically treated during the manufacturing process in order to achieve cosmetic products long storage life. Our aim was to find products that were made of ingredients from pure nature that would tone up our living skin with their natural vitality.

We offer handmade cosmetics from the Republic of South Africa that are produced from pure natural ingredients with organic treatment. We dare to suggest the products that are produced without additives and chemical treatment, because we have tested them on our skin. All the products are made of raw materials that are fresh and that grow 100% naturally without human interference. The products are handmade using ancient formulas. Our products made in South Africa differ from ordinary cosmetics and from the majority of natural products that have been manufactured industrially and/or contain preservatives. Our skin is a living organ and it would be brutal to treat it with preservatives (before death!), especially when we can use natural and organic toning products. Beeswax is an important ingredient in all our products, most of them contain shea and/or cocoa butter.

Beeswax helps to preserve the organic features and effects of the products. Beeswax used in our cosmetic products is collected from honeycombs, wax crumbs and from honeycomb cappings. The composition of beeswax is very complex, it consists of over 300 ingredients. In appropriate conditions, beeswax may remain unchanged for thousands of years. Alike beeswax, shea butter has remarkable healing qualities as well. In addition to its use in cosmetics industry, shea butter is known in Africa as a dietary lipid. Cocoa butter improves the absorption and moisturising effects of cosmetic products.

As all our products are natural and organic, we suggest they be kept in a cool place protected from sunlight. If you store your product in a refrigerator, you may warm a small amount of cream with your fingers before application. You may warm up the cuticle oil in your palms or in warm water.