Social Protection in Estonia

F.D.Roosevelt, the President of the USA, has said that true individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence. The state established several organisations and institutions that created jobs to reduce the army of unemployed. At first, the aim was not well-being but finding a job for everybody. History has shown that Roosevelt did the right thing. But what do we do? “Today, Estonia lacks a forward-looking strategy for reducing poverty,” says Monika Salu in her book “Social Protection in Estonia” (2001).

“Social Protection in Estonia” has been published under the supervision of Academician Mikhail Bronshtein and Professor Raoul Üksvärav.

“Social Protection in Estonia” by Monika Salu. 228 pages, paperback. Published by EBS Print, 2001. In Estonian.
Price: 9 EUR (shipping charges will be added to deliveries outside Estonia).